Monday, 15 June 2009


The PARTNERSHIP PRACTITIONER PROGRAMME is a capability development programme that supports delegates in acquiring and improving their collaborative working and partnership skills.

What will you learn?

When you have completed this programme you will have:
  • greater awareness of and competence in collaborative working
  • worked with a number of collaboration tools and techniques
  • worked with a number of strategy development tools and techniques
  • learned what is required to develop, lead and manage effective collaborations

Benefits to delegates and client organisation

You will:
  • explore what partnership is and why organisations choose to partner
  • understand and work with the Collaboration Cycle
  • consider your own and your organisation’s collaborative working practice
  • understand different types of collaborative working
  • understand how to develop an effective collaboration strategy
  • participate in action learning sessions to further develop your collaborative working practice

Learning features

We will provide an effective learning environment by:
  • designing and facilitating interactive workshops
  • developing bespoke content and materials including in-session workbooks, guide books, pre-programme work etc.
  • working collaboratively to analyse and make sense of delegate’s own feedback on collaborative working practice
  • promoting the hands on use of the tools and approaches featured within the programme
  • protecting time within the programme to explore and develop delegates’ collaborative working practice
  • exploring original research conducted by informing choices
  • constructing and maintaining an open blog to record reflections on the learning journey

Programme overview

The full programme consists of four modules taking place over two days with an optional Collaborative Working Practice Development action learning module taking place over a number of additional bespoke sessions. But we can also design half and one day workshops that focus on YOUR key collaborative working issues. We can run the programme at your office location, we can organise an off-site venue or a combination of both options.

Our competitive prices are dependant upon your requirements so for more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs, contact us on:

Tel: 01732-834365
Mob: 07887-625310